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Live Music

Since we started in 2014, we have featured many amazing bands, including:

The Bailsmen (Brooklyn, NY)

Bottoms Up Dixieland Jazz Band (Hudson Valley, NY)

Bryan Brundige Trio (Albany, NY)

Bumper Jacksons (Washington, DC)
Cait and the Critters (New York City)

DinosAurchestra (New Orleans)

Heartstrings Hot Club (Kingston, NY)

Henry Street Hot Club (Kingston, NY)

Hot Jazz Jumpers (New York City)

Jessy Carolina & The Hot Mess (Los Angeles, CA)

Jon Hatchett Band (New Orleans, LA)

La Familia Swinging Blues Band (Hudson Valley, NY)

Metropolitan Hot Club (Hudson Valley, NY)

Mike Jenkins & the Fat Ties (Troy, NY)

Miss Maybell & the Jazz Age Artistes (New York City)

The Piggly Wigglies (Albany, NY)

The Resonant Rogues (Asheville, NC)

Tuba Skinny (New Orleans, LA)

The Scrub Board Serenaders (New York City)

Soulia & the Sultans (Hudson Valley, NY)

Sweet Megg & the Wayfarers (New York City)

The Swingaroos (Catskills/New York City)

The Useless Cans (Albany, NY)

Hot Jazz Jumpers
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