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About Uptown Swing

Uptown Swing Dances

Uptown Swing Kingston is a monthly evening of hot jazz, swing, and dance at The Beverly in Kingston, NY! 


We teach an hour-long beginner's lesson, followed by two sets of live hot jazz to dance, listen, and enjoy. 


We also have a vintage jazz dance troupe, the Uptown Lowdown.

Check out our FAQs, or contact us with any questions!

About Us

Emily Vail

Founder & Managing Director of Uptown Swing

Artistic Director of the Uptown Lowdown

Emily Vail is a social Lindy hop/vintage jazz dancer, organizer, DJ, and choreographer. Emily organizes Uptown Swing and directs the Uptown Lowdown vintage jazz dance troupe. Swing dancing for over 10 years, she has attended events including Lindy Focus in Asheville, NC; Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown in New Orleans; teacher’s trainings at Cat’s Corner Exchange in Montreal and The Process in Richmond, VA; and Welbourne Jazz Camp (combined jazz music/dance program) in Virginia. She has also performed with Got2Lindy's Cool Cats & Kittens and the Queen City Stompers. Emily also enjoys Tracing the Tannery Brook and playing the ukulele.

Caitlin Zinsley


Caitlin has been teaching swing dance for many years, and helped coordinate and teach for Oberlin College's swing club. Caitlin is a passionate educator. She loves the Hudson River and also enjoys cooking soup.

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